Mission & Goals


“Old School Values, New School Attitudes” We are a serious club that believes in old school values such as work ethic, family, and brotherhood/sisterhood. We believe when you say you will do something then you do it, “Your word is your bond”. Our mission is to lead by example, quality not quantity to build a club of like minded individuals with the old-school values that have new school attitudes. We are not a club of diversity or separatism and that is where the new school attitudes come to play. Our club is open to male, female, every ethnicity, riders of all brands of motorcycles, and people from all walks of life and all ages. We believe that old can teach young and young can bring a fresh perspective. We are a family club with family values and we will continue to work and strive to help our community and support our veterans. Our charity is the PTSD Foundation of America. The Outcasts MC is a member of the COC & I (Confederation of Clubs & Independents) and our President is the Chairman of the COC & I region 3. We continue daily to support the biking community.