Outcasts MC Revised 06/13
ARTICLE 1. General
a. As of April 19, 2009 the following By-Laws will be that of the Outcasts MC.
b. We are not a 1% club nor do we intend to be in the future. We respect ALL 1%
clubs and do not claim any territory, state, town, or area. Respect all, Fear none.
c. The purpose of these By-Laws is to preserve and protect the club, as well as the
integrity and the character of the club and its membership.
d. In the event of an item not covered by these By-Laws a decision will be made by
the Executive Board.
e. The Club is a non-stock organization with no profit motive. It will comply with all
requirements of §509(a) (2) of the Internal Revenue Code as a tax-exempt organization.
f. Outcasts is organized exclusively for charitable, religious, educational and scientific purposes,
including for such purposes, the making of distributions to organizations that qualify as exempt
organization under section 501©(3) of the IRS Code, or corresponding section of any future tax
ARTICLE 2. Meetings
General meetings will be held quarterly and announced in January of each calendar year and
entered into the Outcasts calendar of events in addition there will be at least 7 days prior written
notice giving the date, time, and location.
These QUARTERLY club meetings ARE MANDATORY!!!
ARTICLE 3. Officers.
The officers shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer,
and Sergeant at Arms. They shall also be known as the Executive Board.
There may also be Regional Officers appointed by the President, with a confidence
vote from the Executive Board and patch-holders in good standing.
“The Board” consists of Executive Board, Chaplain, and Regional Officers.
Outcasts MC Revised 06/13
ARTICLE 3. Cont’d
As a Member, Confrontations and problems arising among members should be resolved at the
lowest possible level, your R.O. If no resolution is found, ONLY then should it go up to the next
level Sgt-of-Arms and so on. Officers have been elected to serve a purpose ALL members should
realize and respect "The Chain of Command". The purpose of each Officer is outlined in the
pages of our By-Laws.
ARTICLE 4. Officers and Members
a. President
President shall be the General Executive Head of the club and shall be Ex Officio.
The President shall preside at all meetings of the club and Executive board. The
President may not vote on any motion presented to the board unless there is a tie.
To assist Outcasts officers in the interpretation of their club responsibilities, and to
promote club life among members in general.
b. Vice President
At the request of the President, or in the event of his absence or disability, the Vice
President shall possess and perform the powers of the President.
c. Treasurer
Treasurer shall have custody of all funds and property of the club, subject to such
regulations as may be imposed by the entire Board, in such sum and with such
sureties as the entire Board may require. They shall receive all club funds,
depositing the same in the name of the club in such bank or trust company as may
be designated by the entire Board, and keep accurate record of all receipts and
disbursements. When necessary or proper, they may co-sign with the President on
behalf of the club, checks, notes, and other obligations, given on behalf of the club.
They shall not make any disbursement of club funds, other than club administrative
expenses in excess of one hundred dollars ($100.00) without prior approval of the
entire Board. They shall enter regularly, on the books of the club to be kept by them
for the purpose, full and accurate account of all monies and obligations received and
paid or incurred by them for or on account of the club, and shall exhibit such books
at all reasonable times to any board member on application. They shall make a full
report of the financial status of the club at each monthly meeting and upon request,
at any meeting of the Board. They shall, in general, perform all duties incident to the
office of Treasurer, subject to the control of the Board.
d. Secretary
The Secretary shall have charge of such books, documents, and papers as the
entire Board may determine. The Secretary shall attend all meetings of the club and
the board, and shall keep the minutes of all meetings. They shall keep a record,
containing names, alphabetically arranged, of all the members of the club, showing
their places of residence and such book shall be open for inspection as prescribed
by law. They shall collect all yearly dues from membership and turn the same over to
the treasurer upon demand, taking a receipt therefore. They shall give adequate
Outcasts MC Revised 06/13
notice to all members in advance of the monthly meeting or any special meeting of
the club, and shall make a full report of the membership status of the club at each
monthly meeting. At the request of the President, or as otherwise provided Herein,
they shall give adequate notice of all meetings of the Board.
e. Sergeant at Arms
Sergeant at Arms will be appointed by the President. His appointment or removal
must be approved by the Executive Board. The Sergeant at Arms will maintain order
at club meetings and will ensure that no unauthorized individuals enter the meeting
place. To ensure that members adhere to club rulings, policies, and expected
models of conduct when dealing with other members or outsiders. Duties will also include
prospective member training and club orientation throughout the hang-around and probate phase
in conjunction with the area Regional Officer.
f. Regional Officers
Regional Officer will be appointed by the President. His appointment or removal must be
approved by the Executive Board. They shall promote the information on the Outcasts, report to
the President and carry out any duties as required by the By-laws, and fulfill any request the
President or Executive Board requires of them.
h. Chaplain
The chaplain is an advisor to the general officers to assist in maintaining a positive image of the
club and its active members. The chaplain is responsible for conducting marriages, funeral, and
dedications upon the request of any club members. The chaplain must be available to provide
any form of counseling, to be held in confidence between the chaplain and the said member,
upon the request of any club member. The chaplain will pray for the spiritual growth, guidance,
and protection of all Outcasts MC members. Chaplain will serve for a minimum of two years or
until rescinded, suspended, or voluntarily terminated. Chaplain is not required to attend any club
functions that conflict with any spiritual beliefs. Ordained chaplains must appoint, review, and
recommend successors. Chaplain must conduct prayer before all formal meetings, rides, and
i. Members
There shall be one class of members of the Club. Applications for membership shall
be as prescribed by the Executive Board. Members shall be persons of
responsibility, integrity and high standing in the communities in which they reside, a
member shall be admitted to membership only upon approval by the Executive
Board, or upon approval by such Membership Committee. Membership is open to
anyone who has an interest in motorcycles and or motorcycling, and pays dues.
ARTICLE 5. Election of Officers.
a. The Executive Board has the right to remove any elected officer from the
Board under any circumstances by a majority vote. The President shall
appoint a qualified member, in good standing, to the vacant position with the
approval of a majority of the entire board.
b. Open office position elections: Member must be present to accept nomination to office at the
meeting to which nominations are being made. If such circumstances prevail in which the
Outcasts MC Revised 06/13
member cannot attend, written notification to the Board that the member will accept the
nomination is required. The member to be nominated must be a member of the Club for a period
of one year prior or unless voted on by the Executive Board.
c. If a member is currently holding an office and is to be nominated for another
office that member must relinquish his current position in order to accept
nomination. However, the member may serve until the election results are
counted. The office that is relinquished will be placed on the election ballot for
the club to nominate any person in good standing.
d. Written or Electronic ballots shall be sent to the entire membership should an
election take place and said ballot shall consist of all offices open for election
and the names of each nominee for that office.
e. All ballots must be returned to the secretary by NOON on the day of the
f. If there are no open offices, no ballot need be formed and sent to the
membership as outlined.
g. If there are no candidates for office, no ballot need be formed and sent to the membership as
outlined. The presiding officers shall remain in office until the next scheduled election for that
ARTICLE 6. Dues Structure.
a. Annual dues are paid by each member once per year.
b. Renewal dues are due by the end of January each year. The Secretary will begin
to collect renewal dues in November and tabulate such at the end of each monthly
meeting and turn over these monies to the Treasurer at that time.
c. An increase or reduction in annual club dues may be decided upon by the majority vote of the
entire Board prior to any payment being made by the membership for the pending year.
d. Dues paid for membership may not be refunded to any member serving his/her
term less than one year.
ARTICLE 7. Club Colors.
a. Outcasts Colors are rented and the rental fee is retained by the club. When the
member leaves the club his/her colors will be relinquished immediately.
b. If a member leaving the club refuses to give up his/her colors, legal action will be
taken by the club to obtain said colors.
c. Club colors shall be sewn to either a black leather or black denim vest.
Outcasts MC Revised 06/13
d. Colors/ Patches are property of OUTCASTS MC, Law enforcement has no right to remove
and detain. Should you face this situation contact your President or V.P...
e. Outcasts MC logo is trademarked and ANY duplication of its name or logo will also require
the appropriate prior approval. Any club member, prospect or hang-around or spouse’s wanting
"Permanent Markings", such as Tattoo's that represent or reflect the Outcasts MC requires the
appropriate approval.
ARTICLE 8. Club Rules and Regulations.
a. All vehicles must conform to State/Provincial Inspection Codes. Operators must
have a valid license, registration, and insurance in order to operate a vehicle.
b. Club colors "should" be worn when out riding whenever possible to represent our club in the
most respectful and responsible way, also to promote the "Outcasts" in the riding community and
general public. As an "Outcasts" member, Club colors MUST always be worn to any "Club
Sponsored Function", such as Meetings, Fund Raisers, Rallies and General "Club" rides.
c. Any member flying Outcasts colors must conduct themselves in an orderly law
biding manor as not to disrespect the general public or any club member. Any such
behavior will not be tolerated and immediate removal from the club is imminent.
d. Discretion should be taken when wearing "Outcasts" colors to a non-approved or non-club
sponsored event, remember you are "on-your-own" also remember you are still representing
"Outcasts" by wearing your colors, so anything that happens reflects on the ENTIRE
e. Any Member not wanting to abide by these guidelines can and will have disciplinary actions
enforced such as possibly of, reduced back to probate or removal from the club.
ARTICLE 9. Amendments to the By-Laws and Dissolution.
a. A vote on the amendment(s) shall be held as necessary by the Executive Board. A
majority of the board is required for the passing of the proposed amendment(s).
b. Upon the dissolution of the organization, assets shall be distributed for one or more exempt
purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code, or the corresponding section
of any future federal tax code, or shall be distributed to the federal government, or to a state or
local government, for public purpose. Any such assets not so disposed of shall be disposed of by
a Court of Competent Jurisdiction of the county in which the principal office of the corporation
or organizations, as said court shall determine, which are organized and operated exclusively for
such purposes.
ARTICLE 10. Liability
Outcasts MC accepts no responsibility or liability for the actions of any of its
members or chapters.